Monday, December 15, 2008

Education Outdoors Interview with Backcountry Radio Network

A big Thanks to Brian Brinkerhoff for the interview on Backcountry Utah

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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Most Popular and Playable Toys of 2008!

A big Thanks to Amy Bevins from Family magazine for including CAMP in "The Most Popular and Playable Toys of 2008!"


Monday, December 1, 2008

Northern Express Gift Guide

A big thanks to Rick Coates for the CAMP™ write up in the Northern Express Gift Guide

Camp Board games are making a big comeback. As families seek more quality time together, “old-fashioned” board games are regaining their popularity. So are new ones, and one of the hottest in North America is Camp. What is cool is that Camp was developed by Education Outdoors Inc, in Eastport (between Elk Rapids and Charlevoix). Both children and adults learn fun facts about the great outdoors by playing Camp. The game is designed to grow with the player, starting at Level One questions, which primarily involve the identification of animals. As the players increase their knowledge of the outdoors, they grow into the higher level questions. Parents and children can play against each other to see who gets to “Camp first.” Created and developed by outdoor Tim Paczensy, Education Outdoors Inc. is showing tremendous growth since opening in 2005. “As young professionals my wife and I almost moved back downstate a few years ago to look for greener financial pastures,” said Jesse DenHerder, vice president of marketing and product design. “Then Education Outdoors came along and we stayed. The growth has been phenomenal and we are having an amazing fourth quarter.” Their board game is sold all over North America (available in Northern Michigan at toy stores and most outdoor shops). For more information about Camp, locations to purchase or Education Outdoors Inc. check out

Rick Coates - Northern Express