Friday, February 18, 2011

A Great Toy Fair 2011

So great to see everyone at this year's NY Toy Fair... Thanks for stopping by our CAMP...


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are They Real? You Decide...

A New Multi-cultural game inspires
curiosity and Global Awareness while being socially responsible.

Mysterious Creatures(tm) the Board Game Coming to NY Toy Fair 2011- Have you ever heard of the Giant Mekong Catfish of Thailand? Or the Tazel Worm of Germany? Learn about these, and many more in this unique race around the globe filled with adventure, discovery and geography.

Mysterious Creatures(tm) the Game was created to engage player's curiosity in the mysteries of nature that exist across the world. The game takes each player on an adventure/race across the globe in search of their creature's evidence cards. The first player to collect all 3 evidence cards and make it back to their creature's country of origin wins! Along the way players will learn geography, country flags, and a multitude of info about creatures that may or may not exist... it's up to you to decide.

All the card art for each creature incorporates the flag of its native country. Other features include the set-backs for natural phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle.

Did we mention you get a FREE limited edition poster? The age range is 8+ and is for up-to 4 players.


16 Creature cards

48 Evidence cards

1 Game board

8 Character pawns

1 die

1 FREE full color poster!

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16 creatures from 16 countries, some fact some fiction:
1. USA - Big Foot
2. Canada - Ogopogo
3. Mexico - Chubacabra
4. Brazil - Anaconda
5. Poland - Wawel Dragon
6. Ireland - Nessie
7. France - beast of Gevaudan
8. Germany - Tazel worm
9. Scandinavia - Kraken
10. India - Ganges Shark
11. China/Himalayas- Yetie
12. Thailand - giant catfish
13. Indonesia/Philipines - Ahool (giant bat)
14. Australia - Tasmanian Tiger
15. South Africa - Mokele-Mbembe
16. Japan - Hibagon

Social Responsibility

Mysterious Creatures is a game that not only asks us to take a closer look at the mysteries of nature, it wants to give us a chance to support some incredible non-profits who are making a difference in your own backyard and across the globe. Mysterious Creatures and Education Outdoors, Inc. are committed to giving back a percentage of every game sale to a list of amazing non-profits. When a game is purchased there is the immediate satisfaction of knowing you've made a difference in the life of someone less fortunate. The Non-profits we serve are all 501c and include: shoes for orphans in Africa, disaster relief, feeding vulnerable children in North America, and many more.

Mysterious Creatures™ will be debuting at the NY Toy Fair Feb. 13th - 16th, Booth #6140.

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