Friday, June 25, 2010

ASTRA 2010 :: Providence, RI

Another great ASTRA show under our belts! Lot's of optimism in the air from retailers as we head into Q4. A big thanks to all the volunteers who made the "GAME NIGHT" such a success. We had a blast playing CAMP™ with all of you!
The new SNIPE™ Hunt game was a huge hit... we will be shipping orders in Sept. Thanks for all your support.
In other great ASTRA news, our sales rep for Alaska, Ron Dukes was awarded Rep of the Year by ASTRA. Congrats Ron! We love you. More to come....


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Children & Nature

This is an incredible article about children needing to connect with the great outdoors, written by Paula Berube:

While admiring the capabilities of a Droid telephone recently it occurred to me how very different childhood and adolescent years are now compared to a generation or two ago. Children and teens today have the world literally at their fingertips through the use of the internet, laptops, blackberries, droids, iphones and the numerous other technological products out there. While the access to information can be an advantage and a good thing in many ways, it can be a huge disadvantage when it comes to children and nature. Children today have lost their connection with the great outdoors. We have a whole generation of children who may not choose to be stewards of our State and National Parks because they have no knowledge, experiences or empathy for them. This country is also facing a national health crisis that can manifest itself in largely preventable chronic diseases. In light of the growing concern for the lack of connectedness between children, teens, and whole families, with nature, and the health issues in our country, the SC State Park Service has joined forces with National Assoc. of State Park Directors in a national campaign known as Children In Nature. These organizations will work together to find a way to create a new generation of stewards, to unplug our children and reconnect them with nature and to improve the mental and physical health of our nation.

The physical and mental health of our nation has become such a priority that Doctors around the country have started handing out “park prescriptions” to patients. They have come to realize the importance of the outdoors for their patients and are now “medicating” their patients

with nature, in the form of detailed park trail locations, distances and recommended rates of exertion in addition to or sometimes in place of lab slips and prescriptions. Doctors are recommending their patients walk beaches and trails and wade in streams and tidepools in our National and State Parks. This countries State and National Parks are well on their way to becoming a valuable part of our Nation’s health care system.

Hunting Island State Park will become a part of this health care system and campaign by encouraging families to come out to the Park to hike, bike and walk our trails; to discover a new path to a healthy lifestyle. This campaign will focus on healthy outdoor recreation opportunities and environmental awareness. Families can rediscover quality family time, relaxation, nature and quiet time by discovering our trails. Just 30 minutes a day of walking can improve your health, reduce stress and add years to your life. Nature walking provides an easy and inexpensive way to address health issues with children and adults. The recently completed Lagoon Access Recreation Trail is an excellent trail for the beginner walker/hiker or the seasoned walker/hiker. The entire Trail system at Hunting Island is suitable for all physical fitness levels and is a great way to reconnect with nature. Please join the Park Service in encouraging your children and grandchildren to come out to the Park and hit the trails. Bring the whole family and make a day of it; hike, bike, walk or kayak, just get out there and get moving.

-Paula Berube