Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snipe Game Review and Giveaway

Check out the Snipe Game review on Hope's Cafe for a chance to win some great prizes from EO, Inc...

"The Snipe Hunt game is very unique and fun as well. Who hasn't heard of "Snipe Hunts" before?! You know, city boy visits the country, (usually snobby, making fun of the country boys). So, country boys decide to have some fun, and take him on a snipe hunting trip. Only...there is no such animal as a snipe! Well, now there is, and you and your family can enjoy snipe hunting! The "snipes" are really cute, and when removed from their nest, they start chirping and their eyes light up. This game is basically played like Capture the Flag, in that the two teams are racing to find the opposing team's snipe first. A lot of fun, and I like that it can be played outside or inside!"... read more


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Traverse Magazine - " Holiday Gift Guide "

A big thanks to Traverse Magazine for the editorial in the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide!