Monday, January 25, 2010

For Immediate Release :: S'mores Card Game

For Immediate Release:
Education Outdoors, Inc. releases new game for Toy Fair 2010
S’mores™ – A non-edible family card game
Eastport, MI February 2010: Tim Paczesny, founder of Education Outdoors, Inc. has created a new family card game called S’mores. Debuting at the New York International Toy Fair, the new, 2-6 player card game is a perfect compliment to the popular CAMP™ brand. Much like the CAMP™ line, S’mores is a great fit for the Specialty, Gift, and Outdoor Markets.

In 2006 Education Outdoors, Inc. released it’s staple CAMP board game to specialty and outdoor retailers. The unique selling proposition of the game was the multi-level playability, where a whole family could play at the same time, (hence the name: “The Game that Grows with You”). The success of the game brought a full line of products, including a 2nd Edition CAMP booster pack, CAMP Activity book, and wooden Travel game.

The S’mores card game is designed for up to 6 multi-level players, and incorporates both strategy and good old fashion fun. The object of the game is to build an edible s’more before your opponents. Players get a higher point value based on the quality of s’more ingredients. First player to collect all 4 ingredient cards and call out “S’more!”, wins. The S’more card game includes 70, 3x5” sturdy playing cards , and retails for $5.99. Sure to be a big hit at home or on your next family outing.
Keep your eyes peeled for more family oriented toys & games from Education Outdoors, Inc.
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Donald said...

This sounds like a great game to build up to the making of S'Mores. The winner may get to burn the marshmallows or gets to make the delights. More fun at the campfire.